Man… man never changes. Centuries have passed since man conquered the stars. Mars was the first of course, colonized and terraformed in a little over five decades. The ability to keep man alive at high speeds was nearly impossible, and even near light travel kept eluding us. Then the tomb was found. No one knew what it was except that it proved the existence of life beyond Earth. The Gale Crater Tomb in Mars was an outstanding find. A technology cache of unprecedented proportions along with preserved bodies of an ancient old race… Ourselves.

The next two centuries went from scientific research, to war, to destruction and finally to acceptance. The Earth powers remained skeptical of each other and instead of forming a unified government the old powers created new enemies and allies and the Five were born. Five nations to rule Earth and a myriad of colonies across the galaxy.

Technology had brought us exploration, but it had also brought us fear, control and a cold war bent on destroying all that we are. Our ancestors had created machines capable of sending ships through space at incredible speeds. The construction of the Sol gate began and although system travel was slow we could now reach Alpha Centauri in a month.

The colonies grew stronger and eventually they challenged the powers of Earth. The Colony Wars inevitably followed and the Sol gate was destroyed. Alone and separated from their leadership the colonies fought themselves. Seven systems had been colonized and each had a gate or two to link them. The Colony Wars inevitably turned into internal system struggles between companies that had the military might but had lost Earth funding. They soon found out everything they needed came from the colonies.

Five pseudo-governments arose from the ashes of The Colony Wars and they exist in relative peace. The oligarchies of old still existed but man now understood that war accomplishes nothing. Or did they?

The Tombs of Mars