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Galactic Powers

These governments hold primary control in their home system but many have planets in other locations where local government has shifted to their side for one reason or another. Barnard’s Pact holds the powers in check, keeping outright war to a minimum. Personal government skirmishes still happen at a local level but overall everyone lives in relative peace.

System: Gliese 876

Formerly a medium sized telecommunications company InstaCom rose to power when the Sol gate was destroyed. The CEO quickly took control of the Syntel mines and began selling to the highest bidder, declaring Gliese neutral. Despite this Gliese saw it’s fair share of war but the rich minerals in the system fed the InstaCom fleet well and along with setting mines on their side of the gates they were able to hold. Today InstaCom works as a corporation through and through with the citizens workers of the corporation in caste system and strict birth control. Personal freedoms don’t exist and an extreme zealous desire to serve is quite common. They are still on cold war with TOMB

System: Tau Ceti

Tactical Operations of Mercenary Business, also known as the theatrical TOMB, is the remnants of most military organizations that found themselves without Sol funding. After a relatively long period of infighting the strongest military remained and classified themselves as mercenaries for hire. Initial financial setbacks had them bought out by InstaCom and they almost lost autonomy but a rebellion of sorts followed an d the yoke was cast off. TOMB raided InstaCom fleetyards and bolstered their defenses. These two powers remain in a state of cold war today.

System: Epsilon Eridani

Thomas Velder was a hero of the war. He was an honorable man who took his American-Canadian fleet and established a colony world in Eridani to await further instruction from Earth. Eventually they fought back the other powers and the remnants of the Asian Combine and became a strong republic democracy with capitalist undertones. They tout freedom and the right to live but live in an oligarchy of sorts.

Sol Remnants
System: Alpha Centauri

These loyalists are a large group mostly composed of those rich enough to be able to book passage back to Sol when the gate was destroyed and military ships that were neaby. News of the gate’s destruction was catastrophic and any wealthy or military vessel that could return to Sol attempted it. The result was a whole lot of floating ships unable to use the gate. A week long conflict followed by a government based on strength followed. The remnants of Sol banded together to defend themselves from the other powers out of a mere sense of kinship. They have thus become a power onto itself. They are highly diversified with many cultures from Sol intermingled and living together. The hold the key to Sol and expect word any second now.

The Family
System: Barnard’s Star

A mafia of sorts the government body simply known as The Family controls the planets on Barnard’s Star. Life is not as bad as it sounds but tribute gets paid to the ruling family and it all works as a sort of capitalist based monarchy with heavy nepotism and cronyism. The Family deals in illicit trade of all kinds and they live to challenge the rules of other systems. They run the gamut from smugglers, to trained assassins, to heavy handed thugs. Overall they are a cynical bunch who tend to live life to the fullest. Most are just people trying to get by and the planetary governments are all family owned.

Main Page

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